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Dell Inspiron N5110 Getting hot

Alright so have a Dell Inspiron N5110 that is getting hot, it just got repaired at another warranty place in the city (because the warranty went out) what annoys me most is this is a replacement LAPTOP that i got given for free by dell because when we bought the original one it was a N5010 i think and that had Motherboard issues, CPU issues extreme overheating and failure, so i got given this for free, now i would like to know why Dell focuses on thinness of their laptops instead of making a better cooling system with a slightly faster fan, also to add i got the N5010 in 2012 on April until a few months later i got the replacement laptop as we spent 700 dollars on a piece of dump.

I'm not going to buy another Dell until i know that they have better cooling systems in them.

~Regards Curtis

EDIT: I use speedfan to check my temps and it's hiting50 degrees on idle, the people it got sent to cleaned out the dust replaced the fan and checked the cooling system

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RE: Dell Inspiron N5110 Getting hot

Hi Curtis

It's the accumilated dust causing this issue. The radiator vemts are too closely attached for any dust to be pushed out. Once all the dust is accumilated. There is no space for the hot air to be blown out from the sides. The fan intakes cool air from the underside but it can't push the hot air out. Cant blame on the fan totally.

Keep using speedfan and set to run on full rpm even when the laptop ist hot. This will actively cool your laptop and avaoid passive cooling.

I would suggest using an air blower on the side of the laptop while its turned off. This will push the clogged dust out of your machine from the underside vent. Using the blower will push the dust on the fan again. And because of the force of the air blower,the fan will also start rotating. So it will disintegrate any major lumps of dust which were not being able to push out.

Finally you will be able to see a cloud of dust being disbursed from the underside of your vent. Make sure your laptop is off and there is enough space on the underside vent for the dust to come out.

I suggest keep it on the end of the table so that there is open space for the underside vent. Blow the air it for like 10 seconds and volia. It's done.

Hope this helps you.

Please reply if there is any query. Or let me know it worked Smiley Happy




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