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Dell Inspiron N5110 too slow Error 2000-01 47 Hardrive

Hello guys,

I bought Dell inspiron n5110 3 years ago and after the installation of windows 8.1 it worked very fast. But now from 4 months this is very slow. it takes 2-3 minutes to boot up and 1 minute to login and then again 1 mintue to load applications. Its very slow and when i ran dell diagnostics from F12. It gave me:

Error: 2000-01 47
Validation: 17827


Error: 2000-01 42
Validation 51131
Msg: Hardrive 0-S/N 5VJDEQ

Please help me . its urgent.

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RE: Dell Inspiron N5110 too slow Error 2000-01 47 Hardrive

Your hard drive is failing - you will need a new 2.5" 9.5 or 7 mm SATA notebook drive.  The replacement of a hard drive in this model is not easy - see the video below for the procedure involved.


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RE: Dell Inspiron N5110 too slow Error 2000-01 47 Hardrive

Error Code 0147
Msg: Error Code 2000:0147
Msg: Unit 0: Optical drive BIST -- OPU test failed.

error code 2000:0146  is not the same as error code 2000-0147  it just means you ran Diags without a Disc in the Optical Drive.

See the Note Below about Hard drive.

Pre-Boot System Assessment (PSA) Diagnostics and Error Codes For Dell Computers


PSA 1000-0146
PSA+ 2000-0146

DST Log contains previous error(s).

Link to Fix

PSA 1000-0147
PSA+ 2000-0147

Unit (x): IDE status failed. Status byte = (x) Control Code = (x) Msg = (s).

Unit (d): Optical drive BIST – (s).

Link to Fix

Hard Drive

Remove and reinstall the Hard Drive for the error codes:

  • 1000-0141
  • 2000-0141
  • 1000-0142
  • 2000-0142
  • 1000-0143
  • 2000-0143
  • 1000-0144
  • 2000-0144
  • 1000-0145
  • 2000-0145
  • 1000-0146
  • 2000-0146
  • 2000-0151

Please see the Service manual for instructions on how to remove and replace the Hard Drive. Be sure to remove and reinstall the cables for the hard drive if you are on a Desktop Computer.

After reinstalling the hard drive re-run the diagnostics if you receive the same error code Contact Us.
Run the Drive Self Test (DST) from the Utility Partition also known as the 32 bit diagnostics to determine if the previous error has been corrected. If the DST from the Utility Partition does not indicate a failure of the drive, we consider the error to have been corrected and the drive does not need to be replaced.

  • 1000-0146
  • 2000-0146


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