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Dell Inspiron Quick Keys Broken after Creators Update (1703)

I recently updated my Dell Inspiron 5559 to Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703). After updating it the quick keys, i.e., the brightness, volume, play/pause and other direct access keys aren't working the way they should.

Before updating the key functions overlaid on top of the function keys worked when I pressed them directly, for example if I pressed the F1 key which has the "mute symbol" it would mute the volume and if I used the key in conjunction with the Fn key it would carry out the system's normal F1 assigned task.

But after the update the direct functionality of the quick keys seems to be gone and I have to press the Fn key in conjunction with the quick keys in order to change volume, brightness etc. It seems to be a driver incompatibility problem and I suggest Dell issues an update soon.

If someone has an idea on how to restore the keys functionality please let me know.

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RE: Dell Inspiron Quick Keys Broken after Creators Update (1703)

Hello PRMNK,

Fn Lock may have been disabled in BIOS, though I cannot be sure how that was caused by a Windows update. However, please try the below to resolve the issue.

Repeatedly tap F2 while the machine is powering up to enter BIOS. Click on POST Behavior and then Fn Lock Options. Ensure Fn Lock is ticked and select Lock Mode Enable/Secondary.

Apply changes and reboot the machine. You will now be able to use the secondary functions.

Please send me direct message by clicking on my username with the service tag and contact details.

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