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Dell Inspiron i5 5000 slow boot

Dell inspiron i5 5000 with windows 10 boots very slowly.  During the boot process the delay occurs when the Dell logo is displayed then the screen blanks and delays a second time at a Dell logo.  Sometimes ti totally hangs at the Dell logo on a warm start from sleep mode.


I have performed all of the troubleshooting/optimization techniques I can think of. Including:

Hardware diagnostic tests show no problems,

I have update BIOS and device drivers,

There is lots of Free hard disk space (only about 10% utilization),

I have optimize the computer with the Dell PC SupportAssist,

I have Scanned and removed all malware with a vast variety of scanners,

Scanned for corrupt Windows files,

I have disabled almost all programs in the task manager startup tab, and

Recent upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 had no impact on the boot speed,

Could the Dell "extra" windows  software be causing the issue?

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RE: Dell Inspiron i5 5000 slow boot

In the search field type in msconfig and run it. Go to the startup menu and disable all apps loading in startup and see if that helps.


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