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Dell Inspiron i5559 - White spots / Dead pixels

I truly appreciate you (Dell) for making great products and serving well. In last October, I bought a Dell Inspiron i5559 Signature Edition Laptop from Microsoft Store Online. The device has reached my expectations and worked very well. But after few months, my LCD got some unknown spots. I really tried to remove those spots, but I failed. Some videos on internet are saying this is something called 'dead pixels'. But I'm very hesitated about this, because mine was a little different. It only shows on black screen.

As I said above, there is (unknown) spots on my screen. I think it's probably because of keyboard.

And more interestingly, these spots only occur on black. 

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RE: Dell Inspiron i5559 - White spots / Dead pixels

You can contact Dell but it looks like physical damage to the screen - which won't be covered under warranty -- the only coverage for that is if you purchased accidental damage insurance for the system.

The only repair will be to replace the screen.

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