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Dell Inspiron running Windows XP

Trying to get laptop running properly to donate to a community service that needs only internet access.  Internet Explorer will not run.  Multiple errors that I cannot find resolutions for:

  • Cocreate Instance failed status is Ox80040154
  • RunDLL
  • Runtime error
  • odhost.exe
  • Error code Of00:136C

I ran all hardware tests and everything checked out.  Removed all unused programs.  

It's a lot to ask - any help appreciated!  

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RE: Dell Inspiron running Windows XP

First -- NO ONE should be using XP online for any purpose -- it's been over three years since that OS saw any security updates.

That said, it sounds like the problem is with the networking stack on the system - if you must use it, try reinstalling the network drivers.

That community service organization should be made to understand the potential liabilities of running an insecure OS online -- it isn't hard to imagine personal data being easily compromised if that system is used online.

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