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Dell Inspiron stuck in repair loop

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I stupidly turned my laptop off with the power button instead of properly shutting it down.. it has now turned against me and I have the "black screen of death".

When starting it up it asks me to either start windows up normally or to repair my computer as a recommended setting, neither works. When trying to start it up normally it just returns back to that menu and then when trying to repair my computer it brings the windows logo up, brings the dell loading screen up and then the screen goes blank and doesn't change.

I have tried starting it up in safe mode and it still returns to this menu..

I honestly have no idea and have never had this problem before, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Bethan.

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RE: Dell Inspiron stuck in repair loop

Please list Dell model number and version of windows. Example; Dell I Inspiron 3543,windows 10

In the meantime, I suggest you run diagnostic tool on the computer. Please follow steps below;

1. Power off computer.

2. Power on computer, quickly start taping F12 key continuously. You should be in the boot menu, stroll down to diagnostic and then click on it. Please report back any error code that is listed.


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