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Dell Inspiron won't turn on o

Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series 2-in-1. Bought one month ago. It used to make a beep when turning on, and then it takes few seconds before it turns on. Now it won't start. Pressed the start button a few times. It shows system configuration twice before when battery is drained. Please help. This was bought in Qatar and now I am in the Philippines.

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RE: Dell Inspiron won't turn on o

If your system is receiving any power then I like to suggest you use the diagnostic tool  by following the steps below:

A) Power off computer

B) Power on computer, quickly tap the F12 key continuously. You should be in the Diagnostic screen. Report back any error codes.

Running Dell F12 Preboot Diagnostics;


You can also check the status of the AC adapter and battery in the BIOS. Please follow steps above but instead of tapping F12, tap the F2 key.

Go to the Advanced tab and look for battery health, it should say "This Battery Is Performing Normally'. If there's any other message, it mean the battery is faulty and need a replacement. Look under the main screen and look for AC adapter type. If the adapter says Unknown or None then it's a problem with adapter