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Dell Integrated Webcam (Central)

I have a Inspiron N4010 laptop and can't get the Camera to work. Its listed in Device manager under The Imaging etc. but I uninstall and reinstall and reboot but still not listed in All Programs. I acess the Dell website application Third Party to Reinstall but the Checkbox won't let me check=it the checkbox is a dull color. Please help  

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RE: Dell Integrated Webcam (Central)

Hi Thadoctur,

Thanks for posting.

Apologies for the issue with your webcam.  Have you been able to determine if the camera works at all?  If not, please use this program: http://download.cnet.com/WebcamViewer/3000-12510_4-75324168.html

If you are able to see your camera, then it's not a hardware issue, but rather a software issue.  You would need to check the settings in the software you are using and maybe reinstall it.  If the camera is not working at all, then if you are under warranty contact Tech Support.  If you are out of warranty, you can contact our Out of Warranty department to purchase additional warranty, or get it fixed at a local repair shop.

Contact me privately if you need additional assistance.  Thanks.


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