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Dell Ispiron 5555 won't start

My Inspiron 5555 laptop won't start. I've tried the various remove battery and AC adapter and press/hold power button solutions to no avail. The AC adapter power light is lit.  I;ve left the battery out many hours and then tried restarting on AC alone. Tried recharging the battery with case closed overnight. The power light on the front left of the case is not lit when the adapter is plugged in. The last time it was working, the laptop went to sleep. I was unable to wake it. The unit felt warm but not alarmingly hot. 

This wasn't the first time I was unable to turn on the unit, but it would eventually cooperate after I left it alone a few hours. It only ever happened after the unit went to sleep.  I've also experienced the random reboot problem too.

The 1 year warranty expired in 3 months ago. 😞  Hard to diagnose when it won't start. Could it be the power port? I notice that the plug can wiggle/pivot when inserted. Thanks for your advice.

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RE: Dell Ispiron 5555 won't start

Hi hard8hopping,

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.

Troubleshooting indicates an issue with the motherboard. You can check if the system power's on without the hard drive and memory installed in the system.

You can find the manual for the system in the below link:


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