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Dell Laptop HD Partition Questions

I just upgraded my HD in my XPS M1710 laptop from the 100Gig drive to a new Seagate 320 Gig drive (about $100 at Best Buy.) Cloning the old drive to the new one was simple, installing the new HD was also very simple, but I have a question on the partitions on the drive.

In addition to the main NFTS partition, I see a partition labeled Mediadirect that takes up 6.4 Gig on the new drive, of which about 4.8 gig is free; there is also a partition labeled FAT32 that is 14.85 gig in size, and about 12 gigs of that is free.

I'd like to increase the size of my primary partition by taking away the free space in the Mediadirect partition and the FAT32 partition. I never use Media Direct on my notebook and never intend to. And I have no idea what the FAT32 partition is used for.

Can anyone comment on problems I may run into if I take the free space away from those two partitions and put it into my primary NFTS partition?


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