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Dell Laptop has been having problems starting, somehow evolved into 7 beeps

Hello everyone. about 3 or 4 days ago my keyboard stopped working during use. When I tried to restart it, my Dell Inspiron 5552 had issues starting up because of battery issues. I got messages saying the battery could not be identified or that the voltage wasn't strong enough. The message would change and I would get the orange and white light. I was never able to bypass this screen, but I got lucky one time. The keyboard still didn't work, but when I logged on I had no battery issues and it was fully charged. When I got online it said that I should uninstall the keyboard driver in the device manager and that I should restart it to get it working again.

When I tried restarting it, I started having trouble booting. It wouldn't get passed the dell screen, and eventually I started having problems with 7 beeps. Before, I would get the white screen and it would do a scan and freeze. I haven't even been lucky enough to get to that screen recently. The laptop just starts, reboots, starts, and then the 7 beeps come on. I tried to use the blanket/towel method but my laptop is not heating up at all. It takes an hour to finally even be remotely warm, and even then it doesn't work. I guess there could be a slight chance that I'm not wrapping it up well but it seems that I'm in the minority because I've only read a few posts that said that this method did not work and many more that said it did work. Is there anything else I can try? I have no experience with taking out motherboards and etc. so I have avoided trying that, but if it isn't as hard as I think it is I suppose I can try it. My warranty lasts until June, but I just want to at least be able to log on so I can back up my files. any advice? thanks in advance. also, im very curious to know what would have led to this series of problems in the first place.

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