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Dell Latitude D610 Charging issue

I have a spare laptop I gave to my aunt. It's a Dell Latitude D610. It has been working fine with no issues running Windows XP SP2.
The other day I received a message from her stating that the battery light on the laptop was flashing red/orange. The battery meter on Windows after fully charged the night before said 21% and after 5 minutes it went to 2 minutes remaining.
This was being displayed with and without the charger plugged in. And yes, the light was green when it was inserted into the laptop.
I just emailed her asking her for the battery S/N to make sure it is not part of the Dell Recall.
Any help would be appreciated. I am a DCSE and certified in this model, so any other DCSE or techie's thoughts and input would help a lot.
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Re: Dell Latitude D610 Charging issue

How old is it/the battery? The battery has a design life of 18-24 months - it sounds like it's near the end of its life.
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Re: Dell Latitude D610 Charging issue

I have seen it where the systemboad has an issue charging the battery. Have here get in to the BIOS and under the battery section (I think there is one on the D610) and have the laptop plugged in. See it says the battery is charging or discharging. If it says DISCHARGING (With the laptops power plug plugged in) you could have a systemboard issue. My father has a c610 and had this issue and we replaced the systemboard and he is GOOD TO GO.
Like the other message too how old is that battery?
Good luck
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