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Dell Latitude D620 USB Boot Frustrations

This is really annoying and I have already spent half a day trying to figure out why I can't boot from a USB Flash Drive (UFD). PLEASE PLEASE HELP!


I see the option in BIOS (v. A10) and have put it right on top, while disabling all others ... NOTHING. It doesn't see it and complains of No Bootable Devices Found.

USB Emulation in the BIOS is turned on, do I need to turn that off?

On pressing F12 to see the One Time Boot Menu, why don't I see the USB External Storage option ???? I see it just fine on my Inspiron 1525.


ANY/ALL help will be most appreciated. I feel defeated and somehow still believe its possible.


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Re: Dell Latitude D620 USB Boot Frustrations

What OS is on this USB drive?

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Re: Dell Latitude D620 USB Boot Frustrations

Well its been formatted with FAT32 and contains bootable Windows 7 on it. I have even tried it with a bootable JoliOs as well as Snow Leopard with a Chameleon bootloader. Nothing makes it get recognized as a bootable device by the 620.

The USB drive itself works great once you are logged in to the OS on the 620.

Does that help?

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