Dell Latitude E5570 Touchpad

Hi all,

I have the aforementioned laptop. The issue with it is that Windows 10 does not seem to register the touchpad in Device Management. I have attempted to rectify this by doing the following: 1) new touchpad drivers from Windows 10 update, 2) new device drivers from Dell support pages, 3) new device drivers from the Dell Device Detector dongle, and finally 4) Bios update. None of these seem to fix my issue. 

As a bonus: I am receiving an Alps_Mouse_SetMouseMonitor error as well with every reboot of the laptop that I perform.

Thanks in advanced!

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RE: Dell Latitude E5570 Touchpad

This model was released in 2015. Was the touchpad ever working? If yes, what operating system and software changes did you make prior to it not working? One at a time, restarting after each one, reinstall all 7 chipset drivers. Then install the touchpad driver.

* Reboot into the BIOS
* Go to POST Behavior
* Mouse/Touchpad should be set to "Touchpad/PS-2 Mouse"
* Exit the BIOS
* Press Windows Key + R
* Type devmgmt.msc
* Click OK
* Open "Mice and other pointing devices". Do you see Touchpad? if not, what is listed there?

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