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Dell Latitude E6410 Missing Operating System

please help! on boot my dell computer has a black screen with the Missing Operating System message. I've run the diagnostics and the only errors i seem to get are regarding the optical drive (error 2000-0147) and another error that says 'lcd cable not detected' (error 2000-0413) finishes by saying no diagnostic utility partitioned.  Please help!  Have tons of my kids pictures on this computer that i do not want to lose.  thanks!

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RE: Dell Latitude E6410 Missing Operating System

Unplug the system, remove the battery and remove the hard drive (service manual below).  Mount the drive in an external case and attach it to a working system by USB.  BACK UP the files you cannot afford to lose to the working system's hard drive.

You will likely need to do a complete system recovery or format-reload afterward, but get the data backed up FIRST before you any other troubleshooting.

Service manual:

Hardware required -- for example:

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