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Dell Latitude E6420 Freezing

I bought Dell Latitude E6420 few months ago.

It had a severe problem of freezing (I believe it was due to too much CPU Usage since I upgraded to Windows 10 and was using chrome), and I wasn't even able to move my mouse. It happened frequently and it never unfroze

Now what's happening is that it freezes when I'm not even working on anything, and while I am able to move my mouse, nothing really happens. I press windows button yet the windows tab doesn't come out. I can't access to folders or anything.

I thought it may have been SSD problem so I bought another one, but the screws are stripped and I'm not sure how to unscrew them without damaging anything.

Any guess on what's going on and what I can do to fix my computer?

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RE: Dell Latitude E6420 Freezing

Hello and good afternoon

Considering that you purchased it used it is hard to determine what, if any, hardware has issues. Have you ran Diagnostics?

It is doubtful that everything will pass with your issue so write down the error codes, if any, and post them.

Another option is to restart and when you get the "splash screen" begin tapping the F8 key and your display will offer several options. Arrow down and Chose "Last Known Good" then push the Enter Key and see what happens. Last known good resets the system to when all of the settings worked.

The screws just hold a cover for the SSD so you will not damage it if you are careful. Perhaps you should reinstall the other SSD and then run Diagnostics.

The aforementioned suggestions are a "stab in the dark." However, we never know.


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RE: Dell Latitude E6420 Freezing

I have the same problem with my dell e6420.

Did you fix this issue? How?



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