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Dell Latitude E6420 Wont Boot Into Anything

My laptop will not boot into anything, diagnostics, boot options, bios, regular boot. It turns on perfectly fine jus does not boot or let let me boot into anything else. It says i selected the options, but it jus freezes n stays that way. Ive done everything to try n fix it, been to many posts trying peoples suggestions, nothin works. I think its the motherboard or cpu. i have no idea how to fix it n get around it. I think my only solution is to purchase a new motherboard. Lemme know what you think, thanks.

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RE: Dell Latitude E6420 Wont Boot Into Anything

If you can a boot menu to display, I seriously doubt that the motherboard or CPU are the problem.  Can you boot from a properly prepped USB flash drive?  Do you know how to create one?  I can't remember for certain on the E6420, but I believe the Diagnostics option relies on the Diagnostics partition existing on the hard drive, so if you're only trying to boot that and the hard drive, failures in both of those cases could be explained by a dead hard drive.

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