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Dell Latitude E6430 Core i5 3320M, 2.6GHz v Core i7-3520M 2.9GHz

Hello Reader,

I recently bought an E6430 laptop with Windows 10 Pro and had about 3 months of trouble free use out of it until yesterday morning when it completely failed. It is definitely the motherboard, because whenever I connect the (or any other) AC Adapter to the laptop, the green light on it instantly turns off and the computer is still stone dead - no lights, no sound of spinning fans or HDD. Totally useless now.

I tried the recommended 'reset' steps where I removed the battery, AC Adapter, (and later: the HDD and RAM as well) and held the power on button for at least 30 seconds, before reconnectig the battery and trying to turn it on again.. Still dead. Nothing I tried worked, so conceded that I'm just another one of possibly 100's of thousands of similar disappointed 'victims' of this (all too common) fault with many post 2006 laptops (not only Dell). This is the third such experience I've had myself with the same total failure, since 2012!

So, quick solution (so I thought earlier yesterday): I went on ebay and bought a new laptop which I thought was identical, however I've since discovered the (newer) one I just purchased on ebay for $400.00 is not exactly the same as the model that just self-converted into a doorstop. That was an E6430 14 Core i5 3320M, 2.6GHz. The one I just bought to replace it with is an E6430 Core i7-3520M 2.9GHz. The plan is to simply remove the HDD from the doorstop (i5 3320M, 2.6 Hz) and place it into the new laptop I just bought.I didn't know until it was too late, that the one I'd just bought is a newer and probably a lot different (in terms of MB device drivers) than my original E64530 i5 3320M, 2.6GHz machine.

Therefore, my question that I really hope someone here can answer is:

Will my newly purchased E6430 Core i7-3520M 2.9GHz work with the HDD from my now failed and slightly older original laptop: E64530 i5 3320M, 2.6GHz?

I have performed the same HDD swap 'trick' in the past and 100% successfully with an older Latitude D610, when it lost its display.. When it died, (with just a bold white bar at the bottom where the Windows task bar used to reside), I just went on ebay and bought another D610 (for about $100.00), which was almost identical - the new one had Bluetooth, whereas the original with the failed display didn't.

All I had to do after inserting my failed one's HDD into the $100.00 one was automatically install the Bluetooth driver and presto - I had my same laptop back again in an instant, but with Bluetooth as well.

That was about 6 years ago and it lasted until I recently bought the new Doorstop. (And it still works now but its Windows XP).

However, I fear it may not be as simple as that with my current E6430 'dilemma'. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I.e. "No forget it, it won't work" or, "Yes that should still run ok, but you might need to run a driver update"....

Thanks for reading my (possibly too detailed) post.


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