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Dell Latitude E6530 Windows 10 Fan speed profiles

I recently upgraded my Latitude E6530 to Windows 10 successfully. asisde from finding a SD card reader not working (PCI bridge device was disabled in Dev manger) everything is working great.
I am hover missing one feature i had while running Windows 7.
Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options
Change Plan settings
Change advanced power settings
I used to have an option for Dell enhanced ..something
This would give me the option of several fan speed profiles
eg Ultra cooling, silent , normal

I have all the latest drivers installed fo rmy service tag FP8JSY1​
Inc Dell commnd

Ive also tried Dell Power Manager Application


I may have access to these profiles in bios but a switch them around regular depending on my current so I wish to continue to be able to change from inside the OS.

Any hep on how to get this feature back appreciated.


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