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Dell Latitude E6540 USB Issues, inconstancies, problems

Hello All,

This is absolute madness. I have a Latitude E6540.x64. 8G Ram. Win10, (updated, patched). All Dell drivers up to date, (as far as I can tell...)

I am going NUTS trying to figure out why my USB ports are acting flaky. Sometimes, I plug in my iPhone and it shows up. Sometimes it doesn't. No matter what I try, it won't show as a device. BUT, in settings, it shows the Apple Device Support Driver. I remove it, reinstall it. Nothing. Then, the next day I plug it in and, Viola,it shows up.

I am a retired Senior Systems & Network Engineer. I have worked with MS OS for 30+ years. I sort of know what I am doing. But this...this makes no sense. 

Other problems I have are with USB 3.0 Ext Drives connecting, then dropping out with no explanation or reason. Sometimes, it is the port on the left side in the back. Sometimes, it is the one in the back on the right. I also have a docking station.port replicator. That 3.0 port does the same. I am at my wits end. I have 2 Seagate Ext USB, (SCSI) drives, BOTH support USB 3.0 and work Fine on my Dell Optiplex DT. My iPhone works fine. ALL of my USB devices test ok at 3.0 on another platform, but on this<ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU>Latitude, they are just not doing what I would expect. Grrr.

I got nothing. Anyone?



Des Moines, IA

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