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Dell Latitude E7470 TouchPad/Point Stick Issue


I newly got a Dell Latitude E7470 laptop, It was perfect until I discovered this weird issue.


The cursor is moving slowly.when I finger oh the touchpad / pointstick had moved to the position I desired, the I need to wait for cursor to move. Sometimes I can see he laggingf shadow with my cursor.The issue only happens when Laptop wakes from Sleep with Battery(not plug in AC) or startup with Battery(not plug in AC).


  1. I had switched with all 4 battery mode(Dell,Balance, high performance, Power Saver)
  2. The battery level is regardless, I had tested with 100%, 65% 35%,7%.
  3. Full shutdown and reboot doesn't help.
  4. I had the latest drivers for input devices installed as well. 
  5. The machine was newly restored with system image.(not related to OS)
  6. No hardware upgrades.

Workaround: Connect External Mouse or Simply plug in AC. The most weird part is I don't even have to keep AC plugged in, I could plug in for 1 sec and then unplug, the cursor will be fine until I turn off the lid.

What do I want?

This is definitely how laptop suppose to work, and I don't have external mouse to carry with me. Can some advise what is might be the issue?

Thank you for in advance.


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RE: Dell Latitude E7470 TouchPad/Point Stick Issue

Hi UpToU,

Thanks for posting.

Apologies that your computer is not working like you expected.

I see you've done a lot of troubleshooting so far, have you contacted Tech Support yet?  Please perform a diagnostics test to see if it's hardware or software related, then give Tech Support a call so they can troubleshoot with you over the phone.

Dell-Robert P
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