Dell Latitude XT3 compatability

Hi, just wondering if anyone knew whether or not the Dell Active Stylus can be used with the Dell Latitude XT3.


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RE: Dell Latitude XT3 compatability


Unfortunately, the only systems that Active Stylus works with are listed below.

Compatibility This product is compatible with the following systems:

  • XPS 12 (Model 9250)
  • Inspiron 15 7000 Series (Model 7568)*
  • Venue 8 Pro (Model 5855) (Coming Soon)
  • Venue 10 Pro (Model 5056) (Coming Soon)

*Wake up feature not available

The Latitude XT3 uses and Electrostatic Pen. Information listed below.

Electrostatic PenImage of stylus pen kit

The Latitude™ XT3 uses a specifically designed electrostatic pen or stylus for use in tablet PC mode. Instead of relying on battery power, the energy source for the stylus is magnetic energy produced by the excitation coil built into the digitizer itself. The signal from the coil is picked up by the stylus and triggers the stylus to transmit an electric field.

The transmitted electric field is sensed by a matrix of conductive lines, accurate stylus position determined using the low amplitude signals received on the vertical and horizontal conductors, and an appropriate signal is transferred to the digitizer's onboard processor.

The pen should be designed to support multiple pen tip types to provide the user with a choice in tip/screen interaction when writing.  Two basic nibs will include a hard plastic "standard" nib and a softer "felt" nib.  The nibs should be different colors to help users distinguish the two types. The pen nib can be removed without a tool.

The stylus pen kit that come with the Latitude™ XT3 contains one stylus pen, an extra pen tip, an AAAA battery and string to tie the stylus pen to the system.

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RE: Dell Latitude XT3 compatability

Contrary to the compatibility indicated here, the Active Stylus Pen does NOT work with my Inspiron 15 (7568).  Although, it DOES work with my Venue 11 Pro (5130).

-Rob H

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