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Dell M1530 Fan / Heatsink Problem & Trackpad Issue



I purchased this laptop a little over a year ago and it has been on the whole good. There are however two issues I have with it. Firstly the major problem is to do with the heatsink or fan. Personally, I believe it is the fan as it doesnt seem to be on when it should be. The computer is quite happy to get toasty at 80+ degrees on the CPU and higher on the GPU without the fan starting up. It does however spin up for short periods sometimes, just not enough to bring the temperature down. This makes it impossible to use for any activities as it now shuts off frequently.

The other problem I have is with the Trackpad which has unfortunately never worked, I have put up with it as I have just used an external mouse.


If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate them, the laptop wasbought from dell outlet and is apparently not under warranty although I am sure the EU will contest this.


So far,

I have checked the fan for jams

checked for dust of which there was none

Updated the bios (which was the latest version)

Ensures it was always used on a desk.


I hope someone will be able to help.


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