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Dell M4600 Screen brightness and typing problems

Hello there,

I own a Dell M4600 laptop,

and, after a trial installation of Malwarebytes (which I subsequently uninstalled), apart from getting my language bar back (it absolutely refused to appear automatically before, I had to manually load it from Region and Language),

I got the folowing (and possibly unrelated) problem:

- when clicking on the battery sign on the right of taskbar, I select "More power options". After which, I have to wait about more than a minute for the new window with the power options to finally appear. This was definitely not the case before, at happens even if no other programs are running.

- when clicking the other option, "Adjust Screen Brightness", absolutely nothing happens.

What's more, when the power options window finally does load, I get no Screen Brightness Settings, which I did have before, at the bottom of the window.

I have a legit Windows 7 copy.

Thanks in advance for helping with this infuriating mystery.

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