Dell M6600 and Support in Europa - Touchpad not working correcly


today i call the dell support, about my problem with the Touchpad. This has a smooth sector on the pad and this smooth sector will not work anymore. If you go over it with your finger the mouse stops, or zoom or do complete different things or do nothing. The support ask me for a photo of the touchpad and the keyboard (this lose the key values color). On Afternoon i got a message that this is normal on this M6600 graphic workstation and i have to pay for this repair. I have a 5 year warrenty paied allready and this thing must be in warrenty on a $ 6.000 graphic workstation.

Another Problem is optimus with the dispaly port  connectors on the dockingstations, at boot time i have no screen, since beginning this don't work!

Dell care about your customers!

Here in europa the support hotline is very bad and like to make money with under warrenty systems. Is this the new business concept from dell?

Its extremly worst to see the direction that dell takes in the last 3 year in europa. 

i'am a very angree austrian dell partner!

I hope this will be changed in the future and my workstation will be repaired or replaced with a working one from dell side!

Biricon IT Services e.u.

kind regards

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