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Dell P2715Q works at 30Hz only

Hi all. I've bought the monitor and found an issue with the DisplayPort. When I turned on the monitor it couldn't find mini DP connection at all. After several hours of "rain dance" I ran my monitor in full resolution but at 30Hz only. Can you give me any advice how to get monitor to work at 60Hz, please?

I have the AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB graphic card and Intel i7. How to configure the monitor properly? Do you have any instraction how to do it?

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RE: Dell P2715Q works at 30Hz only

Did you manage to find a fix to this? I am having the same issue with my PC. It works perfectly fine on my MacBook Pro Retina 15" 2014 using mDP, however I can only achieve 30Hz when using DisplayPort on my computer.

Here are my specs:

  • Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H
  • Inter Core i3-3225
  • 8GB RAM
  • EVGA GTX 770

I have made sure that MST is off, but I'm still only getting 30Hz.

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RE: Dell P2715Q works at 30Hz only

I have an alienware with a NVidia 970m that will not run 4k at over 30hz.. no option and it won't let me customize as its greyed out.  This is apparently preventing me from using my alienware amplifier I bought to use a desktop as the monitor stays black when attempt to hook I up.  I do have hdmi2 cable.