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Dell Philippines support Issue. Beyond the worst.

Had a problem with my 2 month old dell desktop. it has 2 video HDMI & VGA built into the mother board.

All of a sudden the HDMI  signal dropped out. After about 1.5 hours and 4 people at Dell I am convinced they are promoting people from the staff cafeteria to the lower level of Tech Support. I spent about 1 hour of my 1.5 hour call on hold and 25 minutes re- explaining my issue and service tag code.

Trying to give the agent my email address was something out of a SNL skit. Needless to say I installed an old video card to the system so I can use this (I do have Business Support) or as I am calling it "MORON Support" and I am not referring to the customers.

I will have to calm down and try an figure out how to have this fixed without calling Overseas.

I think it is time to move over to Lenovo with my new business purchases.

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