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Dell Power Companion (18,000 mAh)-PW7015L fo 5-151736


I have been very happy Dell user for years now  - My e7k series laptop, two U2711 monitors and my power companion until few days ago.

After 1.5 years around the world and different airplanes, the product was not allowed on an airplane anymore and we travel without checked in baggage (due to time limitation I did not have time to purchase carry on baggage for the battery either).

Problem: The label on the bottom was badly warn (although it has been in plastic bag and safe place) - Battery itself had no or minor scratches. And due to incompetence of the airport workers, they just did not let me board the airplane with this tiny battery, if the label was worn. Meaning I just lost my very useful 120€ battery.

Solution: Do more user friendly and durable labels - As my battery was never mistreated or badly held, but the label content was still almost completely warn off (black content was worn, left me just white label).

Thank you!

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