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Dell Precision 5510

I have bought Dell Precision 5510 which I paid ~2000 euro. It came with pre installed Ubuntu 14.04. 

However, this laptop uses Nvidia Optimus technology which is does not have stable support for Linux.

When connecting external monitor I get random crashes when switching mouse between integrated and external screen. I have tried to update to latest Bumblebee project but still have sporadic issues. 

Another issue is that sound card random disappears and then I need to turn off the laptop, unplug the charger, wait, plugin the charger and boot the computer, at which point MOST of the time sound works again, or at least partially.

I have contacted Dell technical support which said since I have bought the laptop for the company they are not able to refund my money and take the laptop back, but they can only replace the laptop. 

I have tried to update to latest Ubuntu but the sound issues persist.

Please, I BEG YOU, explain to me why are you selling PREMIUM Linux incompatible laptops at such high prices without telling people it uses incompatible hardware?

What should I do now? I am getting very frustrated, 2000 euro is a lot of money to buy a brick that I can not use? Who can I sue? Where can I get answers? 

Did I just waste a tone of money just so that I need to buy a new laptop from different manufacturer to continue my job?

How can you let this things happen? 😕


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