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Dell Precision M3800 Unique Fan Issue : Please Help me

Dell Precision M3800 / 16GB RAM/ Core i7 4712HQ / 256 GB SSD / NVIDIA Quadro K1100M

My laptop has an unusual problem. Every time I start using Laptop; the fan starts working at high speed for 3-4 seconds after 10-15 mins of usage and system hangs until fan stops. After that everything works fine. Until I restart/start again fan works normally and there is no problem at all. I already reported this to UK Dell as I'm having warranty Until 2019. But even after 4 replacements of Motherboard, RAM, Heat Sink and Fans; the problem still there.

Somebody please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

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RE: Dell Precision M3800 Unique Fan Issue : Please Help me

Hi Madge2009,

Thanks for posting.

Apologies that your computer is not working as expected. Here is some information from the Dell Knowledge Base you may find helpful: http://dell.to/2hsDEq8


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RE: Dell Precision M3800 Unique Fan Issue : Please Help me


I Hope you don't mind the long paragraphs, I don't think many people have noticed this issue as I cannot find anything about it on the web.

I am relieved to find another person with this fan issue. Running Windows 10 I have a late 2013 model with the same exact Fan Speed+Locking Mouse/system fault.... I think I have had this fault for under a year, but prior to this I've had other driver faults keeping me occupied so I cant really remember when it started.

My fan is doing the same thing, typically just once after boot-up... however, Sometimes my fan will fluctuate for up to 10 seconds, allowing the system/mouse to release and become responsive again for a second in between.

What I've done so far... 

I've Checked Updates: I checked updates on the Dell site for this laptop every single month since 2013 and haven't seen any "true" development in a long while. I would like to think that this system deserves a BIOS update but none are available.

I've checked General Dust/Heat
I clean this laptop out every 6 Months... So I know its in good shape internally and hasn't suffered any severe overheats. 

I've not tried reloading Windows 10 yet, or tried Windows 8.1 again for curiosity.... 

That is probably my next step, although i feel it is more hardware related. 

As an aside, here are my other experiences with M3800, and why I haven't been keen to reload Windows 10 from fresh...

(as initially this was my suspicion to the FAN ISSUE), here are my experiences on this system...

1) I have noticed poor Vendor Driver support for the QUADRO K1100M from Dell, none of their drivers since 2014 & Windows 8.1 have worked for me with Audio Output on the HDMI or DisplayPort connections...

for this, I have had to come to terms with needing to plug in a 3.5mm Jack for audio. As Old drivers and old OS aren't a viable solution!

2) I have also had a lot of trouble with USB Root Hubs/Drivers/ and the physical USB 3.0 ports.

So I've had a lot of instances where the mouse pad would stop working, and I would have to DISABLE/RE-ENABLE the USB controllers inside device manager using the touchscreen...

For this, it was a big issue for me for a long time. Windows 10 seems to have cured it with Windows Updates. although the ports are still a bit "particular" with certain USB hubs and old usb3 devices. 

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RE: Dell Precision M3800 Unique Fan Issue : Please Help me

I would also like to link in this forum post, in case it is related.


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RE: Dell Precision M3800 Unique Fan Issue : Please Help me

Hi Madge2009! some news, I have now uninstalled ALL dell programs from my laptop, using Add/Remove programs under the old control panel. Including: Dell Data Vault, Commander, Precision optimiser, and the rest 🙂

I have also disabled any DELL looking services from within Services.msc

I didn't really use any of them anyway!

laptop has not given me any fan issues yet, but its only been a few boot-ups (not a thorough enough test by any means).. will keep you posted Good or Bad.