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Dell Precision M4400 - Docking Station Issues



We have a user that has a Dell Precision M4400 laptop. There has been an issue happening for about the last month or two. Whenever he brings his laptop back from a meeting or whatnot (while it's running), he docks it into his docking station, closes the lid, there is absolutely no video on his external monitor that is connected to his docking station. The docking station is a "PR03X".


He must manually open the laptop lid, and then restart his machine in order for his external monitor connected to the docking station to work. While there is a work around, and the docking station works fine when the solution is applied, it's just a hassle. When you're talking about doing this multiple times a day, especially at a workplace, it can be very tedious and time-wasting.


As I said, he's only been experiencing the issue for the past month or so. I updated his NVIDIA drivers and reset the connections on the docking station, which seemed to fix the issues for a few days. However, the issue reappeared and hasn't gone away since. I'd hate to have to order a brand new or replacement docking station. Hopefully there is a solution if anyone else has had or heard of this issue before? Independantly the laptop works just fine. The same can be said for the docking station once the laptop is docked, and then restarted.


The laptop is running Windows 7 Professional SP1 (32-bit) with 4gb of RAM. If anyone has any ideas or solutions to this issue please let me know. Thanks.

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RE: Dell Precision M4400 - Docking Station Issues

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? We are having the same exact issue with a Precision M6800 that I just gave to one of our employees as an upgrade. It worked fine for a few days, but now it is just like you outlined above. I got his M6700 back out and that works perfectly fine. Would love to know if you came across a resolution.

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