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Dell Precision M4800 Quadro K2100 graphics display problem

I recently bought a Dell Precision M4800 mobile workstation with a Nvidia Quadro K2100 GPU.

I am having issues on video playback - flickering and other lined artefacts towards the top of the display. This occurs during panned shots, rapidly changing images, etc. but this is supposed to be a super graphics card so there should be no problems.

I have tried playout on other monitors/projectors, all with same result. I thought at first there was an issue with the rendering of the video files I had produced from Avid Media Composer but I see the same artefacts on DVD playout and on video from Vimeo/Youtube.

Response from Dell ProSupport has been a little slow (they tell my I "only have basic support") so I'm posting the issue here in case anyone has had similar issues or knows a solution.

My guess is that the GPU is faulty, or perhaps the drivers (though I have checked if these are up to date, and they are).

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Hi. In the end I resolved the problem with the graphics display. The glitches in video playback and scrolling were caused by an incompatibility between the Nvidia card and Windows Aero. All that was needed was to switch on Aero and the fault disappeared. I only noticed the glitches because I usually switched Aero off - out of habit - when editing video in Avid. At the time, Avid Media Composer did not allow Aero to be switched on. I'm now on Windows 10 and this is no longer an issue.

Anyway, this doesn't sound like the same problem you are having. Are you still covered by the Dell warranty? The support team will sort this out if you are. If not, from what you are saying, the GPU may be faulty but all other software options should be explored before going through the costly process of  swapping it out.

Have you updated all the drivers on the system using the System Command tool, e.g. Bios and Chipset update? This would be a first step. When all else fails, a reinstall of Windows and drivers might do the trick. Only after exhausting software possibilities would I go for a GPU replacement. There is a slight upgrade in Nvidia GPU available for this system, a newer Quadro card that will work with the M4800.

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Did you have any issue getting the NVidia driver installed?

i have the same as you, but i can't get the Dell or NVidia driver to install.  both say there is no compatible graphics hardware present.  but the card is physically there - i've removed the keyyboard and palmrest and seen it.  

any tips you can provide would be appreciated.


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Ok. I experimented with different resolutions, particularly the native resolution for the laptop monitor of 3200x1800 (I had it a t 1920x1080 so that I am able to read text - Windows hasn't resolved the scaling issue for these new hi res monitors)... Still the same artefacts during playback, although DVD playback on the Laptop monitor was improved.

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