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RE: Dell Precision M6800 Bluetooth Assistance

This should be pretty obvious to check (the switch shows the red sticker behind if aeroplane mode is on). He probably would have noticed though as it would have disabled his WiFi as well.

That certainly wasn't the problem on my machine as I had good WiFi but no Bluetooth icon, setttings, keyboard light or signal until I installed the Dell driver.

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RE: Dell Precision M6800 Bluetooth Assistance


I recently was shipped a warranty replacement of a M6800 and cannot figure out how to get the bluetooth working.  It is enabled in the BIOS, but the bluetooth icon is never lit up, and I cannot figure out how to tell if a driver is missing (although the Device Manager shows all devices working correctly).  Within Windows 7 I am struggling to find out if it is even working or available... and I cannot find anything about bluetooth in the BIOS.

Any ideas of where I should begin to troubleshoot this?

- Tom

a: Click  Start

b: Type bluetooth in Startmenu searchbox.

c: Click on "Change Bluetooth Settings"

d: Checkmark "Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area"

e: Click "Apply"