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Dell Precision laptops and Creators Update: Horrible screeching sound and no keyboard/mouse after resuming from standby


This is a follow-up to another thread but I have more information.

Since the Creators Update was installed my laptop (M4700) won't resume from standby with any power scheme. I have had the Feature Enhancement pack installed since the machine was on Windows 7. ( This is the add-on that provides the power schemes that the Dell representative didn't believe were created by Dell, but the previous thread has screenshots.)

The issues I was having have gotten worse since Creators Edition update was applied - despite GPOs supposedly blocking that update.

The keyboard and mouse work okay when the screen comes back up, and the Cortana hints display, but as soon as I then go to unlock the machine from the Dell credential provider, the speaker emits a hideous screeching sound and the keyboard and mouse stop working.

A cold reboot fixes it, but loses any work I had running in the process.

FEP has been broken since Windows 10 came out. The schemes still work, but none of their settings can be modified and that includes the enforcement of going into standby after 10 minutes despite being on mains power and having the Maximum Performance scheme selected).

I have removed the FEP, reset all the power schemes, removed all the stuff related to fingerprint reader, changed the Device Manager settings so that the USB devices can wake up after resuming from standby, checked the BIOS, scanned forensically for Dell / MS / Wave updates and found none...

I have also reinstalled the FEP - no effect.

My laptop is on a domain, is Bitlocker encrypted and has >5 years' worth of work on it, including farms of virtual machines that I use daily - so a complete system reset with a vanilla Windows disk (or a reset to the factory image) is really not ideal.

@Dell - can you please review the security, power and credential provider configurations for the Dell Precision models that shipped with Win7 Professional, and update FEP so if nothing else the power schemes can be edited to prevent standby when in Maximum Performance?

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RE: Dell Precision laptops and Creators Update: Horrible screeching sound and no keyboard/mouse after resuming from standby


I think I may have found the cause: an outdated driver that isn't fully Win10 compliant. It appears to be working when the Ultra Performance (max fan levels) scheme is selected.

Driver description: O2Micro Integrated MMC/SD controller

Driver version:

Driver date: 07/05/13

Hardware IDs: PCI\VEN_1217&DEV_8321&SUBSYS_053E1028&REV_05, PCI\VEN_1217&DEV_8321&CC_080501

This device has been reported on other forums as being a factor with some recommending an XP compatible driver to resolve this...www.dell.com/.../DriversDetails And others recommending version driver from Lenovo.

According to Microsoft Update Catalog there are several newer versions than the Lenovo one.


If you sort by version you will see BayHubTech/O2Micro - Storage Controller - BayHubTech/O2Micro Integrated MMC/SD controller (5/4/2015 ) (7/20/2015) (2/16/2016)

I have downloaded the version but it wouldn't detect it as an update unless I used the option "let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer". I haven't rebooted or suspended since updating and enabling the driver so I'll come back to this post after doing that.