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Dell Quickset: Windows 7

This is not so much of a major problem, just a mild inconvienience. I installed windows 7 RC1 on my Inspiron 6400/E1505 with integrated intel graphics and did not need to install any drivers, everything worked out of the box as they say.

However I tried installing Dell Notebook Software and R166699 Version 8.2.17 (Vista Driver in compatibility mode). It installed ago but the volume meter does not display. Is there a version of Quickset where the volume meter displays in 7?

Note Media Direct Appeared to function fine on windows 7, I did not try installing it until I had Dell Notebook Software and Quickset installed.

Anyway I am seeing if I can get Windows professional 7 free from my universities MSDNAA program and if so I will replace the Vista Business OS on it. I just missed the volume meter that comes with Quickset, using Dell laptops for the last 8 or so years has made me quite used to it.



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