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Dell Sales Support Staff

I have always recommended Dell because of the Greate Service I always got. Notice the past tense. This time they have lost me as a customer that keeps comming back because I can't even get the computer I ordered a month ago. I have been put on hold and  no one came back to me.  After a half hour I hung up and called back and that new person told me my order had been canceled. I told them no I did not cancel the order but he said he could not help me.

I called again the next night  and that person was very nice and created a whole new order and now it is being delivered via FedEx  over night.  They tried to deliver it but  I am not home during the day because I work. Also when it went back to the FedEx  I found out was located 80 Miles from my home round trip. FedEx says only Dell can reroute the delivery to a FedxEx near me so I could pick it up after work. You got it! Yet another hour of being told they could not do that. At that point my sister took the phone and she says not to worry then they hung up on he. She called back and was told hat the computer had not shipped yet. It would ship in about two weeks. That would bring it to a month and half and  it is now to be delivered to my sisters office in downtown St Louis.

What started out to be a fun gift to myself that I waited quite awhile to buy has turned into a stressful and frustrating nightmare. Whether or not I ever receive it I am done with Dell. Dell will now loose all the computers that every relative would have been ordering this year or ever and would be purchase as in the past made by friends and acquaintences of theirs that come to me for advice on what to buy/how to buy. To me that adds up to alot of money but the loss of a good reputation is even more costly.

When or if it ever arrives and after being treated so rudely is the last Dell will ever see of me or that I will ever recommend them again.

Disspointed. Dell doesn't need the little people anymore so now I will have to go back to HP.

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Re: Dell Sales Support Staff

If you want something other than a Dell - by all means, go for it. But don't make the mistake of buying HP - no company is worse than HP when it comes to reliability, service and support.

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