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Dell Studio 1555 BSODing, Error 2000-0123

My 2-year-old, out-of-warranty Dell Studio 1555 starting BSODing last week with increasing frequency. I tried to reinstall the OS (Windows 7), but it won't make it through the reinstall without BSODing.

I ran diagnostics and it's giving me error 2000-0123 and that it's a RAM Memory Integrity Failure.

I assume this means I need to replace my RAM sticks (It's running 2 2GB sticks), but I don't know a) how to tell which one needs replacing (I see people saying their diagnostics gives a location of dimm a or b but mine does not), b) if I can just take one out and run on 2GB of RAM, and c) which sticks to buy to replace it myself. I've replaced them myself before when I was in warranty and they just sent them over to me, but I've never had to purchase them myself.

Basically, am I on the right path in replacing the RAM sticks, and if so, how do I know which one and what am I looking for when I buy them?

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Re: Dell Studio 1555 BSODing, Error 2000-0123


Welcome to the Community. The error code 2000-0123 means a Memory integrity test failed. The best way to check which stick is bad is take out one, and try using just one stick of memory when installing windows. This will be able to tell you which memory stick is faulty.

I also suggest you try reseating the memory sticks, take them out, and put them back inside.

Use the below link for help in installing your memory.

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


Hope this helps.

Thank you


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