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Dell Studio 1555 - no audio Creeching sound


My dell studio 1555 2009 model audio stops several times and makes creeching  sound.

Whether i have to change the internal speaker or the sound card. how much it will costs.

Please help me to fix this.


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Jim Coates
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RE: Dell Studio 1555 - no audio Creeching sound


> You cannot change the internal "sound card" because it is a chip on the motherboard. If that part dies then you would either need to replace the motherboard or get a usb sound card. Usb audio will play through headphones or external speakers, but not through the laptop's internal speakers.

> You can put in new speakers if the current ones have failed. You can get replacement speakers for the Studio 1555 from the parts-people. You can get instructions on how to replace them from the manual available through the Studio 155 support page. Click on "Manuals" and  then download the "Service Manual".


You might not have a hardware problem.There has been a recent Microsoft update that is causing sudden stopping of the audio in laptops with Windows 8. If you do not have Windows 8 please let me know which operating system you use and I will try to help you figure out if you have a hardware or a software problem. If you do have Windows 8 then try one of the solutions below.


Forum member countiss wrote that it is due to Microsoft....

"Update KB2962407, which that states it fixes "Shortened battery life when an idle audio device is not turned off on a computer running Windows".
You do not have to do a System Restore to get rid of the Updates; easier to go to Windows Update, View Update History. On the top of that screen, click on Installed Updates. Then just right-click the update you want to uninstall."


Forum member natakuc4 says that updating to Windows 8.1 will fix it. He wrote:

"If you are still on Windows 8.0. You should upgrade from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1. See the instructions here:
Uninstall the audio and video drivers before the update. After the update uninstall the network and chipset drivers and get the Windows 8.1 (WB64A) drivers.."

You can get the drivers he mentions either from your model's support page after you select 8.1 as the operating system in the selection box, or you can get them from Dell's ftp server, where they are named "WB64A" and "WB32A", meaning 8.1 64-bit and 32-bit.

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