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Dell Studio 1555

 I've only had this laptop since Christmas 2011 and so far I can list these problems;

Adapter has completely disintergrated and I've recently brought a new (different) one from Play.com

An apparently 'imminent' hard drive error which I will have to pay to get fixed

The 'matte' (red) cover lid finish is impossible to clean and I have scratched it quite badly...

And finally, one of the hinges has cracked and a part has fell off (not sure if my fault or general wear) this is causing the laptop to creak tremendously and I'm worried that the whole screen is just going to fall apart.

I'm seriously considering replacing the laptop with a different model but as I've only had it since Christmas it seems a waste of money. Does anyone know where I can get this casing fixed? I don't have insurance, and also are there any cover lids for the Studio 1555?


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Re: Dell Studio 1555

Hi  LauraMJJ88,

Welcome to the Community,

To order the hinges  and back cover for the LCD you can call Dell spare parts at 1-877-717-3355.

Also check this third party   website : www.parts-people.com/index.php

Hope this helps,

Thank You

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