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Dell Studio 1558; Wireless Problems

Dell Studio 1558 has developed a problem with wireless ability. it says that it sees the network. it shows that it is 'connected' but without Internet access. I have checked every setting that I can imagine. Every password and user name is fine. There are 3 other units here that can all access the router and the internet using the same information without a problem.

I tried removing and reinstalling the router software but it acts as if the unit must be attched to the router during the install via hardwire.

Any suggestions as to what I might try next?

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Re: Dell Studio 1558; Wireless Problems

Hi Bay0wulf,

Welcome to the community. Connected with limited access could be several factors. First it could be that your typing in the wrong network key, if its a secured wireless network. Second, it could be your firewall software which is blocking access to the internet, eventhough it shows that your are connected. Third, I would suggest you update you wireless card driver off our support site, below is the link where you can do that, make sure you select the right driver for your wireless card, before installing, the drivers are listed under network.


Thank you