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Dell Studio XPS 1640 - ATI Radeon 3670 Drivers

Do the official Dell drivers for ATI Mobility Radeon 3670 (v8.603.1.0000, A07) have support for ATI-Stream technology (similar to nVidia's CUDA) for GPGPU computing?

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Re: Dell Studio XPS 1640 - ATI Radeon 3670 Drivers

HI ,I have just installed windows 7 X64 Ultimate . Not I tried playing SIM 3 and FALLOUT 3 but the games won't run and I am getting a message thatthe graphic card does not shader model 2 or above . Please help me as when i googled the issue I found that the graphic card is supposed to support shadeer model 4.1.

I downloaded the latest drivers which is beta version and latest Bios but still same problem, AM still trying to figure out the problem please tell me if anyone is able to play those games on the studioxps 1640. Thanks 

Also i Would like to point out that i have seen that the maximum DirectX version supported by the card was 10.1 but in windows 7 , its using directX version 11. Maybe that could also cause a problem. Please tell me how to downgrade from directX 11 to DirectX10.1.

DELL StudioXps M1640

Intel core 2 duo CPU P8600 @2.4Ghz 2.4Ghz


ATI Mobility Radeon 3670 ( v8.650.0.0 , A11)

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