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Dell Studio XPS 1645: Can't type after resuming Windows 7!


I own a Studios XPS 1645 laptop and I've noticed an annoying pattern while using my laptop. This is the problem: whenever my computer goes to hibernation/sleep model I notice that when I turn my computer back on to resume Windows 7 I can't type anything on my FIREFOX or my IE. I can still move my mouse with no problem and I can shut down the computer and restart it. But, the programs that were running prior to hibernation/sleep mode freeze whenver I try to click on a button or type something. Another thing I noticed was that if my itunes is on after the hibernation/sleep mode I can click on the play button and play music, but I can't adjust my volume from my keypad. I hope I'm not the only one experience this problem. This has been going ever since I bought the computer. I thought it got fixed from updates but It seems like the updates didn't help! Please can anyone help me???

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