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Dell Touchpad

I have recently switched from Dell XPS 14z to Dell M3800 laptop. I am very disappointed with the touchpad.

1. The four finger swipe to left or right used to be to switch between applications on windows. Dell have now restricted it to switch between browser tabs only.

2. Touchpad is sometimes irresponsive. For example, the switch between tabs (point 1) only occurs after I click somewhere inside the browser, even if the browser is my active window. 

3. The customized settings do not work after restart unless I launch Dell Touchpad settings app. For example, I use reverse scrolling. A way around is that I have added the application to the list of startup programs and now I do not have to go every time to control panel>mouse>dell touchpad for my customized settings to work.

I have tried to install Synaptics Gesture Suite but failed. Is there any way that I can use the Synaptics Gesture Suite instead of Dell's Touchpad settings?

I would really appreciate if I can switch between applications with a four finger swipe.

Is there any way to customize Dell Touchpad settings?


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