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Dell Venue Tablet Swollen Battery


We have a Venue 5130 Venue Pro tablet.  Its about a year out of warranty.  I noticed recently that the battery pack had expanded and was expanded from the tablet casing so it wouldn't shut.  I bought a replacement battery (not cheap) but only not started researching what the problem might have been and I can see that other people have had issues with their tables.  The old battery pack has expanded to a worrying extent - and since removal appears to have expanded further. 

Advice online seems to be to NOT try recycle this and to treat it carefully as its unstable.  Not sure what to do it with so?   If the battery packs are liable to being unstable how can they be installed in tablets to begin with.  Reading online it would appear that there are issues with such batteries if they are overcharged.  I don't know if that was the problem in my case.  All I know is the batter packy is swollen up to an unreal extent.  See Photo below. 

Another problem is Dell Customer Support doesn't appear to be contactable in a tangible way after the 12 month service period is up.  Negotiating the Dell website looking for a way to talk to a human about the problem is frustrating as everything leads to dead-end options, particularly at the weekend.  Not happy with Dell hardware and not happy so far with Dell service

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RE: Dell Venue Tablet Swollen Battery

Most computer shops and most municipal solid waste sites will take back swollen batteries for disposal.   It isn't uncommon for lithium ion batteries to swell when their end of life approaches, just as ordinary alkalines will leak if they're left in a device when they've been used up.  Don't puncture the swollen battery - simply send it off for recycling with a location that can deal with disposing of it.

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