Dell Vostro 3460 with flickering inverted colors then fades to black screen

Hello, I bought my Dell Vostro 3460 as a refurbished laptop and it has the latest drivers installed. Currently the video bios is 2130.0, driver version for Intel HD graphics 4000. I have noticed the colors on my laptop screen would flicker and colors would be inverted (blue to yellow etc) and then the screen would go blank/black. I have plugged in an external monitor and the monitor display would work fine. unable to mirror to two screens, extend display to monitor and laptop screen as laptop screen would go blank, the display on laptop is black. Is this result of drivers, wiring in laptop to the laptop screen or result of internal video chip GPU overheating so it may be a heatsink and video chip contact issue (thermal paste). When laptop is cool the display will display properly, I'm able to sign in and boot up laptop. I've seen laptop users experiencing similar issues on the Dell forums regarding many different laptops.

Help with suggestions please.

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