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Dell WD-15 Dock turns on computer

I have a Dell 7370 laptop and a WD-15 Dell Dock. I use the dock for docking the laptop, but also often just to charge it without wanting to work on it. However, every time I plug in the dock to the laptop's USB-C port, the laptop automatically turns itself on. This is very annoying when I just want to charge the laptop for the night at home. The laptop is warm in the morning and if I just grab it and take it with me, it *** battery power in my backpack.

Is there a way to set the system such that plugging in the dock's USB cable to the laptop does not turn on the computer and maybe setting the dock's power button to turn on the computer, if I want?

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RE: Dell WD-15 Dock turns on computer

I second that. How to turn that off? I want the laptop to start only after I press a button on a docking station, not when I pug the type-C cable in.

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