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Dell WD15 dock NIGHTMARE! Anything can be done?

Hi All

I am posting my first post here... I've reading all posts regarding usb-c dock issues. I have fallen victim too... I bought brand new Dell WD15 dock and before begin i install latest drivers and still get under power warning! Please see photo attached! 

I spent hours with Dell support and they advice me to clean install and install drivers in right order, so wasting almost a day i did all this and problem don't go away! 

Aside the power warning the display randomly disconnects... leaving me no screen at all (the laptop screen doesn't switch back either) and now laptop gets very hot, making me wonder if i somehow damaged the laptop itself?

I will return this item but wonder if this can somehow have damaged my brand new $2500 laptop? Super disappointed with overall experience... 10k + dell products in past and this is as bad it can get, making me question buying anything from Dell both for personal and business :-(

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RE: Dell WD15 dock NIGHTMARE! Anything can be done?

I am having the exact same problem.  All my drivers and bios updates are installed in the correct order.

This dock was sold to me as a recommended accessory when I customized my Precision 7510 before purchase.

I will not run my UHDTV at full resolution even though the documentation says that it can.

I have had to resort to plugging everything in directly to my laptop & disconnecting my dock.

It is a total & utter waste of money.

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RE: Dell WD15 dock NIGHTMARE! Anything can be done?

Same issue and THEN some!

Ordered an XPS15 along with the WD15 docking station a couple months ago.  Spent HOURS trying to get this thing to work solidly (updated all the drivers in the Dell recommended order) - Would recognize my external monitor, but would not consistently enable the Ethernet connection nor would the connected speakers work consistently.  Over an hour on the phone with Dell support to RE-install the exact same drivers I already installed in the exact same order.  Didn't really help at all.  I get the same screen shot you shared occasionally and IF I happen to reboot and get the Ethernet port to work, I feel like I've hit a slot machine jackpot in Vegas.  <sigh>  The tech support person who worked with me on driver re-installed, emailed me afterwards and told me to contact her directly if I continued to have issues.  Within 2 days, I emailed her the screen shot you shared and she replied that she would research and get back to me.  That was 5/22/2016....must be some hellacious research going on!  LOL difficult is it to get a docking station to do what it's supposed to do?!?!?!?  I guess it's time to open another support case with Dell.  Exactly how I like to spend my time after spending some serious $$$ on a laptop/docking station configuration. 

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