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Dell Wireless 1820A intermittent connection

I'm having an odd issue where every so often (maybe once every 2-3 hours) my XPS 13 9350 with Dell Wireless 1820A will stop opening new internet connections. I'm using Chrome and when this happens, attempting to link to a new page will quickly return a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error.

At the moment, this problem seems to be resolvable by disconnecting from and then reconnecting to the wifi network I'm using. The really strange thing is that any downloads (HTTP, FTP, or BitTorrent) that I have in progress when the connection errors start occurring still finish and work fine. This led me to believe that this was perhaps a DNS error, but I've tried reaching pages via direct IP address, such as my router's config page, when this issue is happening, and they time out - "took too long to respond." 

I have read that many other users are experiencing poor performance from the Dell Wireless 1820A card, so maybe this is part of that constellation of problems.

My setup details:

  • Dell XPS 13 9350-4007SLV
  • Dell Wireless 1820A 802.11ac
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Driver version: 1.555.0.0

Any idea what's causing this? Any ideas for a solution? Thanks for any help you can provide. Drew

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