Dell XPS 10 Tablet issue

I was wondering if anyone else has seen this.  I have a Dell XPS 10 Tablet with Windows RT 8.1 installed on it.  I have the docking keyboard as well.  Since the 8.1 upgrade, if I have the tablet docked on the keyboard and I close the tablet with the keyboard attached, the camera app will launch and start taking pictures.  Most of the time you can exit the camera app only by pushing the power button.  Sometimes the camera app will be locked and nothing will work except a hard power off and on.  If I leave the tablet docked and NOT closed this issue never happens.  If undocked it never happens.

Just FYI what I mean by closed is closing it like you would a laptop lid which you can do when it is docked to the keyboard.

This is just a weird issue but concerning nonetheless.  This did NOT happen with RT 8 as the OS.  It only started with RT 8.1.


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